Get ready for one of the biggest dance festivals in Eastern Europe.

17-18-19 November 2017

Bucharest, Sala Polivalenta

The biggest cash prizes ever!

Giving away crystal cups and medals!

The most professional jury!

Bucharest Dance Festival kept its promises in delivering the best, that is because we want the best. That’s why this year we have the biggest poll of prizes in the history of our event. 10.000 CASH PRIZES & 10.000 euro scholarships. All of this to encourage and make people believe in the way of dance, that’s why this year BDF slogan is LET’S DANCE FOREVER!


Because we know you share the same passion for dance as we do and you like to compete with dancers from around the world, this event will give you the chance to expand your creative horizon, improve your skills and socialize with other dance lovers, trading tips and tricks and of course have a blasting good time together

“Dare, dream, dance, smile, and sing loudly!”

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