BDF 2015 judges: An Boekman International choreographer

May 15, 2015 0

An Boekman studied dance and dance education at Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem and received a post-graduate degree in modern dance technique, composition and choreography from the International School of Dance in New York.

She has worked as a dancer with, among others, CoDanceCo in New York and – as a choreographer –  staged numerous piece for professional dancers and young people.


She has many years of experience teaching contemporary dance, choreography, creative dance and dance for young people.

She conducts teacher trainings europewide , facilitates performance and dance projects and is promoting contemporary dance as a vital form of learning and expression in schools.

She has been the managing director of the Marameo since 1997.


Marameo is  an institution of vital importance to the Berlin dance scene, known for its innovative approaches, attracting dancers and dancestudents from all over the world.


Furthermore she is the artistic co- director of the Tanz-Zeit Youthcompany Evoke, which is based in Berlin, but a most welcomed guest at national and international festivals.

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