BDF 2015 judges: Claudio Campanelli – Hip-Hop teacher, choreographer and dancer

May 18, 2015 0

Claudio started studying Hip-hop with Daniele Baldi in 2001. His formation has been and still is a continuous enrichment studying with all the best worldwide known Hip-Hop teachers, choreographers and dancers. He has danced for many years in “Almost Famous”, one of Italy’s most popular Hip-Hop crews choreographed by Daniele Baldi, taking part in events, contests and competitions.


In 2006 to further improve and develop his studies, he frequented the best Los Angeles dance schools, Millennium, Debbie Reinolds and The Edge, learning from the best dancers and choreographers that work with the major Hip-Hop scene artists. For years he also danced in “The Mnai’s” crew, a group born in 2006 that conquered a relevant position in the Italian Hip-Hop scene.


By winning for two consecutive years (2009/2010) the “Street Fighter”, Italy’s most important choreographic Hip-Hop contest, they have written their name in Italian crews’ golden album.

For years he’s been teaching, and still is, for I.D.A. International Dance Association in several stages and events all around Italy.

He’s been also teaching for…

Passione Danza (Rome) of Alessandro Minghi (Mediaset choreograph)
“Eschilo 1 Village” (Rome) “Eschilo 2” (Rome)
“All Round” (Rome)
Danza e non solo (Rome) “Athena” (Cesena)
“Faenz a danza” of Federica Zani (Faenza)
“Studio Danza” (Forlimpopoli)
At the present time he’s teaching at:
Centro studi Danza & Arti Coreografiche (Gambettola) Le Fronde (Castel Bolognese)
Deah Ballet School under the artistic direction of Steve La Chance (Ravenna)
Laboratorio Danza (Faenza)
Idea Danza (Russi)
Dance Studio (Rimini)
Ferrara Dance Motive (Ferrara)

Contests and battles…

Spunky Action Trophy Almoust Famous
Danza Sì 03 Almost Famous
FISAF 03 World Championship – Almost Famous J.T.B 03 trophy Almost Famous
Mc Hip Hop Contest 04 Almost Famous
win the finial of Street Fighter 09 Mnais Crew
win the final of Street Fighter 10 Mnais Crew
Stage, jury participations and events:
Blue Danza, Campus, Midanza, Rimini Wellness, Nogarole Dance, I Got Game, Nova Artis Romania

Experiences as choreographer…

He’s choreographer for Ride With Us crew.


In 2010 he created and choreographed The Chipmunks crew winner of many challenges:

19/03/2011 Childrens Dance contest (Modena)1st price 

27/03/2011 Firenze Danza contest (Florence) 1st price

23/04/2011 Ida Crew Contest (Ravenna) 2nd price

30/04/2011 Bolo One Move contest (Bologna) 1st price

08/05/2011 H2R -Hip Hop Revolution (Padova) 1st price

15/05/2011 Mad4Dance contest (Rome) 1st price


Shows and television…

2003 Show for the RHHP opening for Vittoria Ottolenghi

2003 television show Hip Hop Generation on Rai 3

Opening show for the Sant Elia stadium for Sky

June 2007 Misano Adriatico, dancer for Ducati at WDW 07

13 September 05 December 2007 (13 episodes) dancer for the Television program Ciao Darwin, on Canale 5

02 December 2007 Bologna, dancer for the Ducati World Championship victory party

28 May 2008 Chorus dancer for an episode of Scommettiamo che…? Rai2

28 November 2010 Chorus dancer for: Colorado Café Italia 1

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