BDF 2015/2016 judge: International choreographer Paolo Londi

June 20, 2016 0

International choreographer, he is the director of prestigious festivals in Italy and abroad . He edited choreography for important names such as Luciana Savignano and Marco Pierin and worked with famous artists such as William Forsythe, Mark Morris, Lindsay Kemp, Micha Van Hoecke, Carla Fracci, Vladimir Vassiliev, Carolyn Carlson, Vladimir Dereviank, Ekaterina Maximova, Susanne Linke. He was born in Rome in 1964.

Choreographer, artistic director of festivals and events , he is the director of the Pescara Dance Festival Company with which he presents all his works of dance theater and contemporary dance. His style is characterized by a strong influence of Performing Arts and a great attention to the gesture that remains clear and simple form. His choreography is designed for stages and urban scenarios.


Considered as one of the best young European choreographers, he gets foreign productions in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Santiago where he collaborates with Marcia Haydée and Nacho Duato.


He studied at the Rudra Bejart and worked for the Boston Ballet, the Ballet of San Francisco and the Pennsylvania Ballet with choreographers such as W. Forsythe, Helgi Tamasson, Mark Morris, Christopher D ‘ Amboise, Lindsay Kemp.

Since 13 years he is the artistic director of the Pescara Dance Festival with which he established collaborations with the biggest names among Italian and international dance such as Micha Van Hoecke, Carla Fracci, Vladimir Vassiliev, Carolyn Carlson, Vladimir Derevianko, Ekaterina Maximova, Susanne Linke.

He is the choreographer of the ” Daedalus ” show, in collaboration with the great American choreographer Robert Norh.

In 2015 he is invited in various international festival as judge and with his Dance Company in different countries such as Mexico (45-days-tourneè), Germany, Palestine, Russia and Poland.

Among his many creations, those with the dancer Simona Atzori (phocomelic dancer) are transmitted by television broadcasters around the world and its productions reach more than five hundred replies. He makes choreography for dancers and famous international étoile, including Luciana Savignano, Marco Pierin, Mick Zeni, Sabrina Brazzo .

He is hosted as spcial guest at the Bolle & Friends Gala at the Teatro Antico in Taormina and the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. He wins many career awards, including the International Dance ( Dance Award ) in Taiwan , the Premio Roma and the Premio Michelangelo.

His choreography are in repertory in Greece, Portugal, Chile, Bulgaria, Scotland and Mexico. Since 2013 he is director and choreographer of the National Contemporary Dance Company of Bulgaria.

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