BDF 2016 judge: International dancer and choreographer Naike Negretti

September 1, 2016 1

She moved from Italy to New York in 2005. She began to train in its various forms both in Italy and her career at only 7 years old with the appearance in theatres and television programs, and then continue in the following years up to choreograph and dance around the United States and Europe (Scotland , Great Britain, Czech Republic , Italy).

She moved to New York City, she is hired as a dancer and choreographer for ” DANCE 2XS ” and other famous companies and local artists. She dances as a soloist for “DECADANCETHEATRE “,one of America’s most important companies female in the world of hip hop.

At the same time, in Italy, she became artistic director of the Kamutis Dance Company. Other performances and choreographies in the United States include the premiere of the film “Take the Lead?”, NYC Carnival, music videos on BET and MTV for Tiffany Evans featuring Bow Wow “I’m Grown” TV on the Radio “Golden Age” the Clox “Already Done”, Miriam Cruz “I realidad” and the American television F’N’MTV Video Premiere.

She held closed classes at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and classes open to Active Isolated Flexibility at the same institute. She was hosted between teachers at Arias Dance NYC, “World Dance Movement” directed by Michele Assaf, “Dance Without Limits” in Prague, “Sud&Broadway” in Italy sponsored by the Broadway Dance Center of New York City, “Choreographic Showcase” Olbia, “Dance Master Class” in Italy and Spain and La Luna Dance Center in Ancona.

Her choreographic works have won several competitions in America, including Dance Educators of America, Starbound Talent Competition, Star Systems Talent Competition, Jump Convention and many others.

Her teaching is characterized by the deep passion and desire to experiment through innovative choreographic research. The strong technical background ranging from classic to modern and hip hop gives her the knowledge and skills to show and explain thoroughly any style of dance.

A style that is versatile, unique, combining the softness of lyrical jazz, contemporary linear dynamics and energetic movements of hip hop and street jazz.

Currently, she teaches Contemporary – Jazz, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Video Dance and Active Isolated Flexibility in workshops and conventions in the U.S. and Europe, choreographer for several studies around the world and works for Broadway Dance Center of New York City, inside of the Education Department for foreign students, which deals with students who want to start to professionalism in the prestigious American school. She also teaches and works for Dance Theatre USA ,an American event organization directed by Loree Russeau.

Contemporary jazz dance, hip hop, street jazz, music video dance, Active Isolated Flexibility

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