Frequently Asked Questions… all you need to know about Bucharest Dance Festival!

1. What is Bucharest Dance Festival (BDF)?

Bucharest Dance Festival (BDF) is a dance competition organized by a non-profit Romanian organisation with the international field of activities.

2. How to make a fee payment?

Please pay your necessary fees through money transaction on the following account.
Fundaţia de Jazz Balet ARS NOVA
Cif: 10330960
International transactions: Please note that expenses are to be paid by the remitter!

3. Where can I learn about the Bucharest Dance Festival’s rules?

The rules for all Bucharest Dance Festival can be found here.

4. How to register for the competition?

Only way to register is through Online Registration.
Before application to any of the Bucharest Dance Festival it is obligatory to register on the Registration Portal.
After successful registrations you will automatically receive on your e-mail registration confirmation.
ATTENTION: e-mail address and password that you have written during the registration in requested fields is used to login on the tournament.
If you have questions regarding registration contact us on email: office@bucharestdancefestival.com

5. Is there a deadline for registration at the particular tournament?

Yes, the competition has deadline. The deadline is published on the official webpage.

6. When is the deadline for the fee payment after having registered for the particular dance?

It is possible to pay the fee till the end of the deadline.
Attention: You bear the transfer costs!

7. Can the Registration Portal close before the registration deadline?

Yes, Bucharest Dance Festival has a limited number of participants. When the number of participants reaches the limit, the Registration Portal closes.

8. Can I change my registered dances?

Yes, during the registration period it is possible to change dances.

9. I have signed in at a tournament but cannot continue with registering myself, what can I do?

In case you are not able to complete and finish your registration contact us via e-mail: it@bucharestdancefestival.com

10. I cannot change the dances I have registered. Why?

The registration deadline has expired. All the changes can be made during the registration period. After the deadline, all the registrations become unchangeable.

11. After the registration, not all the registered dances are confimed. Why?

Only the dances for which the payment has been made are confirmed. Only those dances can be part of the championship and they get the „Starting Permission“.

12. What is a “Starting Permission”?

The “starting permission” is the confimation and permission to perform on the Bucharest Dance Festival (BDF).
„Starting Permission“ is received for each dance/choreography that is registered and payed.
Choreoraphies that don’t receive starting permission are not allowed to participate on the BDF.

13. When and where do I get my “starting permission”?

Via e-mail, after all the payments for the particular dance have been made and confirmed.

14. If I have questions concerning the registration, what can I do?

Please contact: it@bucharestdancefestival.com

15. If I have questions concerning finances, what can I do?

Please contact: office@bucharestdancefestival.com

16. If I have general questions about the participation to Bucharest Dance Festival, what can I do?

Please contact: office@bucharestdancefestival.com

17. Do I have to fill in Registration Form for the new season?

Yes. You must reregister in the new registration portal. If you have any questions please send an email to it@bucharestdancefestival.com

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