BDF 2017

On day 1 and 2  are taking part in a free competition (any dancing style, only solo) that will be judged by a jury consisting of spectators and teachers (ad hoc).


Day 1: 17.11.2017 

First sesion: 11.00 am-12.00 pm

Second:        15.00 pm -16.00 pm

Day 2: 18.11.2017

First sesion: 10.00 am-11.00 am

Second:       16.00 pm -17.00 pm

The competition is free of charge and it will be awarded with trophies of the competition and special prizes in both days of competition. The categories are mixed (girls, boys). Only 1st place will be awarded on both categories (mini/children & juniors/seniors).

Entries will be made half an hour before the competition starts (based on ID card, passport, birth certificate), near the competition space, to the BDF staff, and only within the time limit allocated to it.

The time allocated to every dancer is 1 minute on the music chosen by him. They have to bring their music on USB device.

There will be a  MC that monitors and comments the competition.

Those who participated in the first day of the contest can no longer participate in the 2nd.

This competition wants to give children the chance to express themselves in other dance styles, to socialize, to overcome certain psychological  parameters and to have fun.

Stage size 4/4 m.

Only those enrolled in the BDF 2017 competition can participate


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