The overall objective is to actively promote cultural diversity and exchange through intercultural dance in a dance competition held to the standards and requirements of ARS NOVA.

The Organizers

Organizing the first time a dance competition with the ARS NOVA logo

Inclusion, promotion and internationalization Romanian folk dance under ‘National / Folkloric dance “

Increasing the number of bands / Romanian dance troupes participating in international competitions

By participating dance teams from around the country and from various European countries to exchange ensures both national and international cultural developments of competitors can be viewed by other participants, trainers, attendants and spectators. ARS NOVA licensed competition being organized for the first time in Romania, offers dance schools in the country, the opportunity to participate in a European competition, winning a competition such as a launch punted to the great stages of the world of dance.

It is a great opportunity for all Romanian folk dance team to launch a major international competition and to promote the European multicultural authentic Romanian traditions. Ballet Jazz Foundation’s mission of Ars Nova, is to provide and maintain quality instructional and artistic environment, focusing on the creation, development and maximize the potential of talent.

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