In dance steps The Ars Nova Universe turns


Which enhances the idea of evolution in the 20 years is the title of the largest organizer of events dedicated to Romanian dance, organizing along these beautiful years festivals and dance competitions to international standards and exigencies.

The main objective of these competitions is to actively promote cultural diversity and to achieve intercultural exchange through dance.

We can mark up to date the largest dance community in Romania and as events we can be proud of: 9 Dance Star Romania competitions, 1 IFMD Romania Cup edition, 4 Bucharest Dance Festival editions, Bucharest Urban Dance Festival, over 30 stages regional and national games of the Chess Cup of MBTA ROMANIA, and the preparations for BDF 2017 and Freedom Dance Festival in Moldova are in full swing.

In the long run, we have great plans and we hope we can provide and maintain the quality of the instructive and artistic environment, with an emphasis on creating, developing and maximizing talent potential.
This way, we Ars Nova, we officially announce the organization of the Freedom Dance Festival in 2018 in Budapest !!!!

We want to convey a “thank you wholeheartedly” to all the participants who have been joining us all these years. You gave us with every competition patience, ambition, generosity lessons, you gave us excited moments, passionate choreographers, worthy of true professionals.

Teodora Lazuran

BDF Founder

Copyright 2017 Bucharest Dance Festival