Special Awards:
10.000 Eur Cash Money Prizes

5.000 Eur

Best Group / Formation / Duo.Trio.Quartet

(min 80 pct and min. 3 dance registered in competition for each group/formation/duo.trio.quartet)

2.000 Eur

Best soloist

(min 80 pct. and min. 4 dances registered in competition in different discipline)

2.000 Eur

Best Group / Formation / Duo.Trio.Quartet trainer

1.000 Eur

Best Soloist trainer


  • All dancers receive certificate to attendance in competition.
  • Only the first three place winners will be invited before the public during the awards presentation.
  • The first three place winners are receiving CERTIFICATE (ONE for formations, small groups, pair/trio/quartet, solos).
  • The first three place winners are receiving CUPS (ONE for formations, small groups, pair/trio/quartet).
  • The first three place winners in solo are receiving GLASS MEDALS.


  • Prizes rises just in the award ceremony.
  • We do not accept any other option.
  • If the group/formation/duo.trio.quartet/solo it’s not on the stage on the award ceremony to receive the special prizes, that prize will put on hold for next year.

Dance World Cup Qualifications

Qualify for the Dance World Cup 2018 which is hosted at the Fairmont Château Whistler Resort, Montreal, Canada.


For more details please visit: https://www.danceworldcup.com/


More prizes coming soon…

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