The biggest dance competition in Romania.

Join us at Bucharest Dance Festival 2023/2024 to see the magic.


Once upon a time in Europe… 20 years ago, it all started for Ars Nova Events.

Passion is at the forefront of anything that you want to do in life
Each of us is blessed with a talent that is unique to us. Man say behind every great idea, there is an inspiring story… dancers, teachers, coaches and the Ars Nova idea got inspired from our very own world champion, Founder and Artistic Director, Teodora Lazuran.

The passion for sports has led Teodora to actively engage in the healthy way of life of her community and contributed through the activities organized to the awareness that movement is essential for the body and mind and it is a decisive factor in the harmonious development of children and in keeping everyone in shape.

The evolution and experience in the field and combining key elements in the organization of its dance competitions and festivals by maintaining high international standards and exigencies, make the Ars Nova Events always incredible events.

Ambition & Passion has driven us from the very beginning of our journey and it led us to become the largest dance competition organizer in Romania.

Our overall objective is to actively promote cultural diversity and exchange through intercultural dance in a competition environment held to the standards of ArsNova. Inclusion, promotion and internationalization has been the base for creations of all our events.

We can mark up to date the largest dance community in Romania and as events we can be proud of: 18 Dance Star Romania competitions, 1 IFMD Romania Cup edition, 15 Bucharest Dance Festival editions, 1 Bucharest Urban Dance Festival, 6 Freedom Dance Festival, 3 Hip Hop International Romania and over 30 stages at regional and national games of the Cheer Cup of MBTA ROMANIA.

In the long run, we have great plans, we hope and we shall strive to provide and maintain the quality of the instructive and artistic environment, with an emphasis on creating, developing and maximizing talent potential.


All this being said, in dance steps The Ars Nova Universe turns the dance stage into your Bucharest Dance Festival and it spreads its wings to the Land of the Free, to European Stage. We are very proud and we officially announce Romania bigges dance competition prepare the best for you. Its official now  „Bucharest Dance Festival Tour in 2023/2024” its ready.

We want to convey a „thank you wholeheartedly” to all the participants who have been joining us for all these years. With every competition, you gave us patience, ambition, lessons of generosity, very exciting moments, get to experience such passionate choreographies… all worthy of true professionals.

We are looking forward to a new beggining on the European Union territory and we look forward to meet new dancers, accumulate new experiences and get the american feel of a competition.


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