Bucharest Dance Festival Gala Show

A competition to remember

What is Gala Show ?

BDF Gala Show is a special part of the competition, that takes place at the end of the competition schedule.

BDF will award the highest score from all Solo, Duo/Trio/Quartet, Group, Formation
4 Special Awards.

Who is qualified ?

In the Gala Show the following routines can qualify:

  • Solo Male / Female
  • Duo / Trio / Quartet
  • Group
  • Formation

One routine for each will be selected for Gala Show for each day of competition.
In total 8 Routines will be selected.

Can I qualify?

To dance in the BDF Gala Show, your routine must have the highest overall score.

Do I have to pay extra ?

There is no extra tax to dance in the BDF Gala Show.