We as a world are more aware than ever of the importance of physical fitness to our overall health.  While we remain aware of the need for physical activity far too many of us find far too few reasons to  incorporate physical activity into our daily lives and routines. There are many reasons that we  procrastinate in this particular effort. For some time is the defining factor while others will readily admit  that they have no appreciation whatsoever for those activities that come to mind when exercise is  considered. 

Whatever your reason for not incorporating exercise and physical activity into your daily routine, have  you considered dancing for your health? There are all kinds of wonderful reasons to dance though I can  think of very few that would be better than dancing for the sake of your health and physical well being.  

The good news when it comes to dancing is that in most instances it doesn’t feel as though you are  getting exercise and the burning of calories doesn’t sting nearly as much when you’re having fun burning  them. 

Dancing has evolved a great deal and while the history of dance is a long and noble history. Even, one  might add, a quite manly history for those men who haven’t considered dancing in the past. 

Benefits of Dancing 

In addition to burning calories, a good thing for dieters everywhere, dancing also helps strengthen your  muscles and bones. It can provide either a low impact or high impact workout according to your wishes  and the music you select, it can be entertaining and feel like fun rather than a chore—this means you  are more likely to actually do it than many other exercise programs, and it can help tone all areas of  your body rather than focusing on one particular area as many exercises do. 

Dancing also provides an excellent opportunity to socialize and meet others if you take classes while in  the process helping you gain a better sense of balance and grace (those like me who have absolutely no  sense of grace could greatly benefit from this alone). Dancing, and the physical activity alone can help  you ward off potential illnesses that are often associated with excess weight and too little physical  activity. Even as little as thirty minutes of dance 4 days a week can bring about profound results when it  comes to your overall health and well being. 

More importantly however than any of these benefits of dancing mentioned above dancing is fun. This  means that you will enjoy life a little, laugh a little, and accidentally work a little physical fitness into 

your life without feeling as though you are suffering for the sake of doing so. So many people get very  little physical activity because they do not see physical activity as fun. 

If you are wondering what sort of dance is right for you, there are many from which to choose. Square  dancing is great fun for couples as are ballroom and swing dancing. Line dancing, contra square dancing,  clogging, and tap dancing can be great fun in larger groups or as a participant in a class. If you want  something a little sexier for your dance efforts you can always try Salsa dancing, Flamenco dancing, or  belly dancing. 

If you live in or around a relatively large community it is quite likely that you can find classes or teachers  for private lessons for each of these forms of dance quite easily. You do want to make sure that anyone  you take lessons from knows what they are doing. You can also look in your local paper for square  dancing groups or bars or clubs that offer line dancing classes on designated nights during the week. 

Whether you have been dancing all your life or are a rank novice when it comes to dancing, this is a  great way to bring physical fitness into your life and improving your health without feeling as though  you are really working for it or experiencing a sense of dread at the very thought.

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