A large variety of disciplines for all the dance lovers!



Classical ballet techniques danced in ballet slippers or pointe shoes. It is possible to dance original choreography as well as parts of well-known pieces. The jury places extra value on proper technique and especially attitude. The emotion of ballet must be conveyed and represented in the technique, posture, and stage presence. Pointe is allowed for all ages (in all categories).


It is important that the various modern styles, for example Graham, Limon, Horton, Cunningham or Chladek, to name a few, are incorporated in these dance numbers. In addition, contemporary and neo-classical movements are permitted. Above all, contemporary/modern dance is not disco dancing.


Lyrical is a dance style that combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz dance techniques. It is inspired by the lyrics and the musical content. Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer’s movements attempt to show the meaning of the music.


There are various jazz-styles which are permitted – classical Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Lyrical Jazz or Latin Jazz. Main features include isolation movements (polycentric) parallelism, contractions, collapse, coordination, impulses and the danceablility at different levels.

Folkloric/National Dances

Original choreography is allowed but not necessary. The folkloric dance tradition must be preserved. The costumes and music must reflect the folkloric tradition.


It is important to master the step techniques. There are several different step styles allowed. This category also includes Irish Dance – the Irish step-dance. It is incredibly important that, if tapping is present on a CD that it is not audible.


No live singing is allowed in the performance. The music selected should be originally from a musical or dance films (for example Grease, Dirty Dancing, StepUp, …). Above all, it is important that the nature of the musical number is clearly recognizable. Chorography from the original (film/musical) is not allowed.


MTV Comercial

A fusion of different dance styles with newly created choreographies inspired by the MTV tradition, variety shows and popular singing groups . It is a commercial style of jazz, a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop or other styles, which you can see performed both live and in video clips alike. The accent is on presentation, style, expression and performance.

Urban Dance

Evolved in the outer of the dancing studio, the urban dance expresses the outside world’s freedom and energy, through improvisational and interactive moves. Hip-hop dance, street dance, house dance, punk dance are also style variations of the Urban dance. There are different dance style of urban dance such as Oldschool, that includes popping, locking, jazzrock, hype, and Newschool – newstyle, krumpin, dance hall. This category also includes housedance – footwork, jacking and lofting, wacking, voguing and experimental.

Acro Dance

Acrobatics may be combined with different dance styles, for example BBoying/Breakdance, Hip-Hop and much more. Acrobatics is not only allowed, but also required, and must outweigh the dance elements.


All techniques, dances and performances that are not unique to one of the other designated disciplines or which combine various dance techniques / styles are classified as the discipline Open.