Lorelei Bari

Judge BDF 2019 Spring Edition


Ms. Lorelei Bari is a dancer and teacher whose experience leads to remarkable results. Her continuous desire for improvement, for information and for assimilating the newest directions in ballet and dance pedagogy prompted her to choose the MA module of the program offered by the Palucca Academy.
From the beginning of her career, she discovered her inclination and aptitude for teaching, which she has cultivated through a sustained activity in both the ballet companies in which he worked, and in the schools where she gave ballet classes. When she founded her own ballet school, she conceived a program and her own teaching method, through which she targeted the formation of dancers with multiple professional and well consolidated training.


Her method, which is based on the Vaganova method is tailored to the age and particularities of individual children that she trains. Her communication skills, her capacity to adapt to the mental and emotional level of her students, and her ability to stimulate their interest in dance were the main ways that she used to achieve the expected results: the recognition, through national and international awards from prestigious competitions, the opportunity for her students to obtain full scholarships in schools of the highest professional level. The consistency with which she followed her pedagogical and artistic goals was always stimulated by a creative spirit and critical and analytical skills, which have enabled continuous improvement of her working methods.

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