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Experience Bucharest Dance Festival, a different competition, a competition worth remembering, full of pleasant surprises, many smiles and many prizes.



After the registration is accepted, finalized and the payment has been confirmed, you will receive the receipt and the “Starting Permission” via e-mail.

Attention, the e-mail address and password used when registering on our portal will be the ones you will need for registration in the competition. For any questions or concerns regarding registration, you can contact us at any time through e-mail: events@arsnova.ro

Attention also to the penalty fees:

    • Changes made to a registered routine after the deadline of the competition will result in a €30 penalty fee.
    • Any routine added to the Starting List after the deadline of the competition will be charged a €30 penalty fee.
    • If the participation is cancelled, participants won’t receive any refund.

Need help registering? Follow the instructions below.

Bucharest Dance Festival. One step forward

Bucharest Dance Festival brings you one step closer to your dreams. Dance and learn from the best. Are you ready to compete?