What is Gala Show ?

A special dance needs a special stage! Nominate your routine for the Gala Show and dance again in front of everyone. First 20 routines with the highest points, that are nominated, will dance and show their skills again at Gala Show!

How to participate at Gala Show ?

  • Dance again with a full crowd
  • Gala Show is before the Awards Ceremony
  • Dance among the best of the best

Nominate your Routine

One Routine can be nominated for every school or independent dancer. Add a note when registering the routines and write “Nominate for Gala Show”

Gala Show Selection

The first 20 routines with the highest score will dance at Gala Show.

Gala Show Mega Trophy

Give your best for the chance to win the Gala Show MegaTrophy.
More information

Read the complete Rules & Regulations in English or Romanian
Rules & Regulations

One school / individual dancer can nominate only 1 routine. The best 20 routines with the highest score will dance in the Gala Show. Only the nominated routines will be selected. Even if another routine has a higher score than the nominated one. Routines will be performed again in the order established by the organizers. All routines will be judged and the winners brings home the Gala Show MegaTrophy