Bucharest Dance Festival History

Bucharest Dance Festival 2014

We appreciate very much that they have devoted time and resources to join us. Thank you for your generosity dear ones, we promise that we are doing our best to be better every year, so we will never disappoint you!

Bucharest Dance Festival 2015

We are proud to be able to display such amazing talents to the public. We are grateful to all the teachers, parents and all the people involved in the lives of these magnificent children!

Bucharest Dance Festival 2016

You taught us patience, ambition, generosity. You gave us exciting moments and passionate choreographies worthy of true professionals.

Bucharest Dance Festival 2017

Continue to perform, because dancing can be your gate to a more beautiful future. Freedom of expression take many forms in our society. Dance is one of the most elegant of them and these pictures from BDF2017 proves it!

Bucharest Dance Festival 2018 - Spring Edition

Dancers took the stage and amazed us with beautiful dances! The event was full, not only of supports, but of emotions and passion!