There is a style of dancing that is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. While you are far more  likely to see a line dancing contest at Gilley’s than on ESPN or any other sporting event network, it  doesn’t make it any less valid as a dance or even as method of bringing fitness back into the everyday. 

Line dancing has been associated primarily with country music for a long time—best estimates say since  the 170’s. The good news with line dancing is that there aren’t too many rules other than keep trying  and don’t spill your beer if you can help it. Otherwise if you are willing to get stepped on for going the  right way or being stepped on by those going the wrong way, it’s a great way to spend an evening. 

Line dancing is great for many laughs and a lot of fun. It is however, much more fun if you go in a group  rather than going it alone. This is one form of dance that you truly must try before you can decide  whether or not you will like it. I can honestly say that watching others participate is not nearly as fun as  being right in the middle of them all and watching them participate. 

The good news for those who aren’t clued in as to the latest steps, twists, turns, and maneuvers, is that  most other line dancers began their journey somewhere else as well and are rather patient and often  willing to teach those who are less knowledgeable. Of course if they are anything like me, they are so  

delighted to find someone less knowledgeable that they are almost giddy at the prospect of sharing  their knowledge. 

Even better for the utter novice is that most clubs offer lessons before things got really hopping. In fact,  most of these clubs will offer these lessons for no extra charge in hopes of selling you a nice cold one or  two before prime selling time kicks in. You can also find local groups that often offer line dancing classes  

in an alcohol free environment for those who consider this an important consideration and for some of  the younger crowd that might find line dancing to be of interest. 

Line dancing is a style of dance that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. This is one  thing that makes it so widely appealing. You can find line dances at county fairs, local festivals, and even  church raffles on occasion. Line dancing is quickly becoming a ‘heartland’ sort of entertainment that is  enjoyed even by those who aren’t traditionally country music fans. 

Believe it or not ladies, line dancing is also an excellent way to talk your fellow into dancing with you.  Believe me when he sees you on the line with all those other guys he’s most likely going to want to step  up and stake his claim. Of course, it’s also a great way for couples to have fun together even in the 

middle of a crowd. Line dancing is great fun almost any way you look at it. If you are new to the notion  of line dancing there is no time like the present to head out and get acquainted. You just might find a  great new hobby that also happens to burn a few calories in the process.

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