While we all know that Jazz is as much a style of music as it is a style of dance, many people may not  realize the importance that dance has played in music. There are many songs out there that mention the  importance of dancing and yet we as a society seem to have forgotten the importance or limited that  importance to a certain age group. Once we age it seems that we forget not only how to dance but also  the intrinsic importance of dancing as well. 

“I Hope You Dance” is only one of many songs that relate the important role that dancing plays in  feeding the human soul. If one thing in life is important for all, that one thing would be to dance  whenever the opportunity arises. You never know when you will run out of opportunities to dance or  find that you’ve squandered so many of them away. Take them as they come and your life will be filled  with much greater joy than you may ever realize. Despite many other songs out there that may convey  the message, there are very few that say it more concisely than this particular song. “When you get the  choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you’ll dance”. 

Garth Brooks is another musician that had an excellent commentary on dance. His song “The Dance”  chronicles not necessarily the importance of dancing but of participating. Given the choice, many who  have lost their lives in some risky endeavor would more than likely tell those left behind that they would  not have traded the dance for one more breath. The lyrics to this song are somewhat haunting “I could  have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss the dance”. 

Believe it or not all good songs that mention dance do not happen to be country songs. These honestly  happen to be, in my opinion, the most poignant. Other great songs about dance include the song “Let’s  Dance” by David Bowie. The lyrics to this song include the stanza “Let’s dance for fear tonight is all”. The  truth of the matter is that you never know and dancing is a great way to celebrate living. 

Music and dance for years have gone hand in hand and will continue to do so long after we’ve left this  earth. At least that would be the hope. I would hate to see what a world without dance would be like. It  would be like having children without laughter and that would be a sad world in which to live. If you  want to keep your children dancing then you must teach them to dance. Teach them that it is okay to  dance and be silly around the house. That it is okay to dance their way through their chores (hey if it  makes them smile while taking out the trash I say go for it!). Teach them that dancing is a great way to  express joy and that laughter is the best thing to follow their dance.

Native Americans have a long and noble heritage when it comes to dance. They let their dreams beat  out the heartbeat of Mother Earth and danced in companionship with nature. They danced for joy and  sorrow, war, peace, and praise. I can think of no better example to follow when it comes to dance.

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