There are some religious taboos when it comes to dance other than religious reasons why on earth  would anyone not want to experience the mind and body renewing energy that results from dancing?  Truthfully, not all dancing involves the wearing of pink tutus and many forms of dance are quite  masculine in nature so preserving masculinity cannot in any way be an adequate excuse for not dancing. 

When it comes to dance there are many interesting and amazing styles of dance that span the globe.  From the weapon dances of old (which are a perfect display of virility and masculinity though not widely  practiced today other than in ceremonial dance) to the grace and beauty of ballet or ballroom dancing  there is almost certain to be some form of dance that should appeal to almost anyone on the planet. 

Native Americans had an excellent attitude and ideals when it comes to dancing. They danced for almost  any reason and let the beat of the drum serve as their guiding spirit. Native Americans danced for  worship, for rain, for joy, for grief, and to prepare for war. Their dances were heartfelt and as much a  part of their individual natures as it was their tribal identities. Dancing was an essential part of their  culture and heritage and is still passed on today though to a much smaller degree. 

While some religions discourage dance, others embrace dance as a form of worship and commitment to  their deities. Some encourage dance as an expression of praise. Others dance for the joy of the blessings  and bounty of their gods or in submission to their gods. Regardless the fact remains that dance plays a  vital role in many of the world’s religions. If you are a believer, I can think of few better reasons to dance  than to express your beliefs in a physical form. 

Some people dance simply because they like music and enjoy watching other people dance. There are all  kinds of fun dancing styles that can be practiced alone, as a couple, or as a part of a much larger group.  In the United States line dancing and square dancing are excellent ways to dance as part of a larger  group as well as many types of competitive dancing and as part of a ballet company or other type of  competitive or professional dance company. Couples dancing to some degree includes square dancing  but other forms of dance such as ballroom dancing as well. Singles dancing is pretty much reserved to  competitive dancing and often requires years of practice in order to perfect. Some people devote their  lives to this sort of dancing and still never manage to make their mark on the competitive dancing  circuit. 

Dancing for fitness is another wave that seems to be taking the world by storm. There are many ways  that this can be done and it is quite effective among those who would otherwise not exercise at all as  well as those who simply love to dance. It is getting out of your seat and moving around to the music. 

Find a nice driving beat, close the curtains, and dance until you can no longer breath. It’s a great way to  get that much needed exercise while having fun and not even realizing that you are (gasp) exercising.  Mind over matter is a great thing. If it doesn’t feel like exercise then there is no reason for your body,  mind, or spirit to protest, right? 

Dancing is becoming somewhat of a novelty sport around the USA and around the world. Reality  television shows such as “Dancing with Stars” and movies such as the one with Richard Gere—Shall We  Dance have made ballroom dancing popular and attractive to the average person who would have never  considered this form of dance before. With so many wonderful reasons for a person to dance why on  earth wouldn’t you want to dance?

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